What we do

Hazlett Rural Limited is a diversified rural services business and is a member of the New Zealand Stock and Station Agents Association.

The most important thing we do is ensure that our clients’ outcomes are optimised. By being part of the decision making process, we are better able to ensure that outcomes are maximised at every stage of the process. The timing with which things are done can be just as important as what is done.

The HRL core areas of delivery are:

  • Livestock agency (HRL holds a current Auctioneer’s License)
  • Insurance (Brokerage)
  • Advisory (Finance, stock, pasture, cropping, seed, feed, human resources, plant/machinery, systems and processes – a tailored solution to meet your needs)
  • Transport and logistics services
  • Financial services
  • Product supply (feed/grain, seed and so on)
  • The Hazlett Rural Limited team achieve these successful outcomes by being responsive, proactive and practical. All based on a solid base of hard-won experience.

We want your business to get better every day. As you prosper and grow, so will we. 1