We are a business built on the
belief that people come first
Your Livestock
Our innovative products and services reflect the needs
of a changing business landscape
Quality Advice
& Products
Ensuring every dollar spent, from initial planning
to the final harvest, is invested wisely
Committed to
Optimum Results
in Every Market
We take pride in our growing livestock footprint, which has
expanded to having Rural Blokes located throughout New Zealand


Welcome to Hazlett’s digital patch

We’re committed to providing New Zealanders with top-of-the-line livestock broking services, funding, insurance and agronomy expertise. Since launching our business in 2008 we’re proud of the people we’ve grown in our various business teams, but we’re most proud of the people who have worked with us to build value in their businesses, properties and lives – Them giving us their business means they trust us – and that matters.

We are deeply rooted in the rural sector, but also provide insurance and funding solutions to businesses of many types. Our continued investment in technology is also focused on improving outcomes for our people and yours by simplifying processes and increasing your opportunity to enjoy people-time (like watching the kids at netball or footy; or BBQ-ing spring lamb and drinking cold soup).

We promise never to forget that there is no substitute for FACE-TO-FACE communication. If you wanted to trade with a computer, you’d be selling stock and ordering your supplies through the local ATM. Above all we’re sticking with the long-term view we started with over a decade ago (and how time flies when you’re having fun).