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HRL has been growing its specialist dairy team to meet the increasing needs of this burgeoning sector – we now have six blue top blokes who love cheese sammies, milky coffee and enjoy getting up really really early.
They have well-rounded experience across all aspects of the dairy business (once they’ve had their coffee that is).
If one bloke doesn’t have the ideal knowledge, the wider group of dairy blokes will, it’s a team game.

We specialise in providing you with a committed and value-focused service in these key areas, amongst others:

  • Feeder and bobby calves
  • Service bulls
  • Grazing contracts
  • Sale and purchase of capital stock

For current clients, we’re pleased to inform you of our recently updated S&P contract, which is now simpler and faster to execute.
We might get up early, but we also work late, so call us any time.

Talk to the Dairy team

  • Jim Hazlett
    Rural Bloke | Dairy Team Leader

    Work Hours: 027 462 0128
    After Hours: 03 312 9559
    Email: jhazlett@hazlett.nz

  • Marty Amos
    Rural Bloke | Mid Canterbury

    Work Hours: 027 462 0122
    After Hours: 03 307 8833
    Email: mamos@hazlett.nz

  • Ben Lill
    Rural Bloke | Central Canterbury

    Work Hours: 027 462 0130
    After Hours: 03 347 6306
    Email: blill@hazlett.nz

  • Andrew Sherratt
    Rural Bloke | South Canterbury

    Work Hours: 027 462 0124
    Email: asherratt@hazlett.nz