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HRL takes pride in our growing livestock footprint, which has expanded to having Rural Blokes located throughout the South and lower North Islands – wherever whitebait and sausage rolls can be found basically. HRL is passionate about providing professional broking services and solid advice to optimise value for you at every opportunity. If this occasionally doesn’t happen, we’ll front-up to explain exactly why and what we’ll do differently next time.

HRL is a member of NZSSAA and we conduct all of our sales under the stipulated conditions of sale. As true Rural Blokes, we are passionate exponents of the dark art of auctioneering – but we are legal – we hold a current auctioneer’s licence!

We have jointly developed a built-for-purpose sales yard complex at Coalgate in Canterbury. The HRL team run this facility hands-on in conjunction with PWA, which enable us to provide maximum flexibility to our clients at our weekly sales (or to quickly dag the odd ewe if you missed a couple before they went on the truck).

On the people front, our strong relationships with major meat processors continue to develop, ensuring that our clients enjoy optimal transactional outcomes when trading at scale. Our expansive livestock network throughout New Zealand also continues to grow and strengthen – connecting people with people is a huge part of what we do, so please forgive us if we enjoy the social aspects of this a little too much at times . . . We bloomin’ well love what we do!

The HRL Livestock team is pleased to offer you the following suite of services and support:

The Hazlett Rural Team offer the following:

  • Weekly Sales at Coalgate (Click HERE for the latest Market report)
  • Auctions
  • Private Sales
  • Local Trade
  • Export Procurement
  • Livestock Finance & Procurement Options (Click HERE for more)
  • Clearing Sales
  • Grazing & Feed

Talk to the Livestock team

North Canterbury

Central Canterbury

Mid Canterbury

  • Ed Marfell
    General Manager

    Work Hours: 027 462 0120

  • Geoff Wright
    Rural Bloke

    Work Hours: 027 462 0131
    After Hours: 03 302 6107

  • Marty Amos
    Rural Bloke | Mid Canterbury

    Work Hours: 027 462 0122
    After Hours: 03 307 8833

  • Paul Ross
    Old Rural Bloke

    Work Hours: 027 462 0134

  • Andrew Sherratt
    Rural Bloke | South Canterbury

    Work Hours: 027 462 0124

South Canterbury

North Island