Calf Nursery

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About Us

In direct response to farmer demand for quality dairy beef 100 kg calves and contract rearing of dairy heifers, HRL invested in a calf rearing operation in Palmerston South this year. The operation has capacity for approximately 3,500 spring calves and 1,000 autumn calves and we take pride in offering the following services from this new and evolving HRL business unit:

Calf Purchasing

  • Forward or same day contracts available for the purchase of 4 day Friesian bull calves or Friesian beef cross bull or heifer calves
  • Autumn and spring purchases
  • Minimum price forward four day calf contracts available with beef semen at mating

Calf Sales

  • 100 kg Friesian and beef cross calves available October to January
  • Limited volumes of autumn born winter supply calves

Contract Rearing

  • Rearing contracts available for all classes of four day old calves

Talk to the Calf Nursery team

  • Peter Engel
    Chief Financial Officer

    Work Hours: 027 434 0555

  • Paul Whittaker
    Rural Bloke | North Otago

    Work Hours: 027 431 3234

  • Wan Yen Koh
    Finance & Procurement Team Leader

    Work Hours: 03 358 7988

  • Susan McEwen
    Manger Calf Nursery